Tribal Productions Asia specialises in the rental of quality broadcast equipment to television networks, independent producers, and freelance operators throughout China.

We offer a range of formats of the latest industry-standard equipment for short or long term hire. If you require just a camera or a complete production kit, TPA has the experience and resources to meet your needs.

Tribal Productions can supply cameras:

 Hi-Definition (HD)
Cannon5D MarkIII
Cannon C300
Cannon 7D
Arri Alexa
Sony EX3
Sony EX1
Sony Z1
Sony F3
Panasonic HDX900
Panasonic P2 -3000
DV Cam
Digital Betacam




From documentaries to outside broadcasts, we have an extensive range of production equipment to
cater for all applications, including:

  A full collection of lenses
  Production matte boxes and a large filter selection
  Various camera supports
  Dedo, Arri lighting kits and HMIs , LED light Panel.
  A wide range of Audio Equipment , Shure Mixers, Sennheiser mics.etc.
  Dolly & Jib Arm kits, Steadicam, & Grip

Our equipment is maintained at the highest possible engineering standards ensuring reliability in the studio or in the field, and TPA staff will provide you with the technical back-up and service you need for a hassle-free project.

Ask Tribal Productions Asia for a competitive quote on all your equipment needs.