A Video News Release (VNR) is a recognised and popular tool of public relations firms aiming to maximise and manage televised news coverage of a launch, event, or announcement. VNRs that Tribal Productions Asia have helped produce in the past have a reputation for quality based on their seamless accessibility to metropolitan and regional newsrooms throughout the region, and have achieved considerable television exposure and success for our clients.

In more detail, a VNR is a loosely edited package of broadcast quality footage consisting of interviews with key spokespeople along with background shots supporting the particular launch or announcement. The VNR contains all the elements that a television journalist requires for the compilation of a news story.

Anyone can shoot footage and call it a Video News Release. However, the production of broadcast quality, news-style footage and navigation of this footage directly to the news Chief-of-Staff is a specialised field requiring the integration of technology, expertise, and experience. TPA producers and crews fill this role with their extensive experience in television news, and the essential technology using SP Betacam as well as a full range of distribution services make our VNRs stand apart from other productions companies in Asia.



  Our productions and our method of VNR distribution are well-known in newsrooms throughout the country.

TPA's resources and broadcast expertise put us a step ahead of the others when it comes to VNRs. Our crew, equipment, and delivery network ensures that our clients are given a cost effective VNR production service.

The regular use of our VNRs by local and international news networks enhances our reputation in newsrooms as a supplier of quality news footage.